AVA is now Whole Life Learning Center!


On July 1st,  Austin Village Academy will officially be reborn as the new Central Campus of Whole Life Learning Center

But let’s back up a moment…how’s this happening? Why is it happening?

Birthdays start with a love story…
In August of 2010 Michael Carberry & Caroline Riley met at a teacher training. They taught at the then Austin EcoSchool  (Austin Village Academy: AVA). They loved the team, the kids, the community there… And they were on fire with vision for the Whole Life Learning Center (WLLC). So they stepped out on their own and opened the doors to WLLC the next September.

Fast forward: Today, the WLLC community is thriving, growing and serving many amazing families – enjoying organic growth and thrilled with the expansion of the school and community thus far. It’s growth that has allowed WLLC to activate more of its vision without the risks of growing too big, too fast.

A few months ago, WLLC was visited by AVA parents. They recognized the synergistic and aligned approach and encouraged WLLC Leadership to connect with AVA’s director (and their old friend), Cheryl Kruckeberg. They did!  They discovered that AVA was in transition. As the conversation unfolded it became clear: AVA becoming a Whole Life Learning Center would support in establishing the solid, caring, wonderful place for learning their families and communities sought. And it would give WLLC the opportunity to serve more of the excited families on their waiting list, while providing another convenient location in Austin.

They’re spreading the love! Cheryl, the AVA board, and families were all excited about the transition: an opportunity for organic growth… and a new Whole Life Learning Center campus!

It’s also exciting that Solomon Masala will join the team to direct the new Whole Life Learning Center Central campus, with Cheryl as part of the leadership team. They’re building an exciting new team there! Solomon, currently in the San Francisco Bay Area, will relocate with his family to Austin at the end of June.


There is overflowing excitement and gratitude as Whole Life Learning Center looks forward to our next year with inspired anticipation.

This could not happen without you. You: our families, our students, our community, our team of Mentors and faculty. It’s your constant belief, support, willingness and love that has moved Whole Life Learning Center to this exciting moment.

And with joy and celebration, we welcome all our new AVA community, friends, families and children – thank you for your trust in us, we are honored to serve you.

Michael will be hosting tours at the new WLLC Central Campus every Friday.
Schedule your visit now by contacting: michael@wholelifelearningcenter.com.
We welcome your questions and visits.

With deep love, gratitude and respect,
Michael Carberry and the WLLC Team

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