Monthly Archives: August 2014

Update from School


Things are going so beautifully at school.
The kids are all getting along well; developing friendships and alliances, creating clear working patterns in their classes, beginning to get a grasp on where to go next, etc. They are smiling, laughing, singing, racing, drawing, asking questions, offering ideas, making suggestions and, well – making the world a better place!

This morning in Circle we talked about Basic Human Needs – this was in preparation for creating and signing our safety and social agreements, which we’ll be doing tomorrow.

Circle conversations are among my favorite times at EcoSchool. Although I know that young people are wise well beyond what they are usually given credit for, I am still consistently “blown away” by what they know, value and are able to articulate.

This morning I asked, “What do all humans need”?
We had two columns on the chalk board; one for wants and one for needs.
The “wants” list was pretty short (imagine that!) – it includes Legos, computers and treats (no mention of ice cream…)

The list of needs includes such things as clean air and water, healthy food, shelter and cloths – the obvious things -but it also includes love, creativity, community, friends, family, exercise, education and communication.

I checked our list against Maslows Hierarchy of Needs – the kids hit on every point.

Aren’t your kids wise?