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Habibi’s Hutch Update

The middle school is visiting Habibi’s Hutch, which is a nearby preschool, Thursday mornings to read and play with children. Here are a few students’ perspectives on the fun:

Leighton (age 12):  Habibi’s Hutch was awesome and great. The kids bring so much joy to me. They are so sweet, colorful, artistic, and musical. Did I mention they are absolutely adorable and very creative and interesting? Reading and playing with them is so fun.  I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Aisling (age 11): We went and are going to Habibi’s Hutch to read and play with the small, adorable, tiny, little innocent children. It is like a kiddy wonderland: there is a bubble machine, colored sand, fans, music, toys, bikes, wagons, and swings. When we sit down to read, the kids swarm you and ask to read the same book over and over again. I have made 3 little friends at Habibis, one of which ran up to me as soon as we walked in the door. All the little kids are always hanging around us, it is like we are magnets the second we walk in. Habibis Hutch is so fun and the kids radiate playfulness. I wish we could go every Thursday for the rest of the year!

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Austin EcoSchool Awarded Bright Green Future Grant for Game of Village

Game of Village Recognized by the City of Austin!

Austin EcoSchool has been awarded funding through the Bright Green Future Grant Program for the Game of Village! The Game of Village is an integral part of our curriculum at Austin EcoSchool, offering an applied, cross-disciplinary, and innovative approach to life skills-based learning. This year, Village is set slightly into the future, and Austin EcoSchool students are creating a scale model version of a sustainable community set on a distant planet with an arid, desert-like atmosphere. Students have been invited to join Mission G.I.V.V.E. (Galactic Interplanetary Viable Village Enterprise) and have been charged with the mission of setting up a colony and developing sustainable living practices on the future planet.

The Bright Green Future Grant Program is through the City of Austin’s Office of Sustainability. Read more about the award at

Learn more about the Game of Village, click here!