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Spiral of Light at AVA – December 17th 2015

The Spiral of Light celebration at AVA is a long standing and much beloved event observing the dark days of the coming winter and the delight in the return of light in the spring. This event always occurs on the evening of the last Thursday before school ends for the winter break and is open to AVA alumni, guests, family and the extended AVA community.

A huge spiral of pinSpiral_Choire boughs is built in the back yard, a labyrinth of sweet smelling pine fills the air and boughs fill the yard. In the center of the spiral is an unlit fire.

In the darkened yard parents and guests wait the arrival of the children.  Slowly the children enter the yard in single file, their beautiful young voices joined in song – their gift to us all.

As the singing comes to a close and quiet fills the air a lone figure enters the Spiral, winding slowly into the center to light the central fire, then one by one, alone, the children enter the Spiral with their own darkened candle lanterns. Upon reaching the centerSpiral_Offering their candle is ignited and they begin the slow journey back out into their community, setting their candle down amidst the spiral of boughs along the way. As each child processes through the Spiral the candle lanterns grow in number until, at last, all of the children have walked in and out and the entire way is lit by the twinkling of bright candle lanterns. Each child walks alone, at his or her own pace, in his or her own way. This is a celebration of
growing independence, quiet confidence, of carrying light in darkness, of sharing our light with others.

This beautiful event closes with an invitation to the community to reflect on the year that is drawing to a close. To reflect on what we’ve experienced and learned. All are invited to take their own journey into the Spiral of Light and cast into the fire anything they may want to release, making way for new growth in the year to come.

This magical event is breathtakingly beautiful and not to be missed!