Fun is Academic

Austin Village Academy’s curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning and exploration as the means of mastering academics. Rather than adopting a single educational philosophy, we integrate a wide range of successful strategies in support of individual learning styles and interests. Our approach combines intellectual training with the development of the child’s physical, creative, and moral capacities.

academicsAustin Village Academy’s curriculum encompasses Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art and Spanish. Designed to make learning natural, relevant, and lasting, the curriculum is cross-disciplinary and theme-based. We follow a four-year historical cycle: the Ancient World, The Medieval World, the Age of Exploration and Modern Times. In each year of the cycle we focus our attention on the history and cultures that have shaped the times we live in. Our students transition from one academic grouping to the next based on careful assessment of their advancement through clear academic milestones.

In addition to academic subjects, our students sing, cook, garden, care for chickens, care for their school environment, read to and with each other, go on field trips, contribute community service and more.

Game of Village

Each week culminates with Village Day. Game of Village is a big deal at AVA, a day that we all look forward to. Village is played on two levels. On one, students deepen their understanding of the historical period they’re studying by designing and building a miniature model village. On another level, they operate businesses such as the village bank and the village trading post, start their own business or run for elected office. Game of Village is a dynamic and powerful teaching tool—an educational program that brings learning to life—and it’s loads of fun! To learn more about Game of Village, click here.