Enrollment Process


On July 1st,  Austin Village Academy will officially be reborn as the new Central Campus of Whole Life Learning Center.

All enrollment will now be through Whole Life Learning Center.


Established in 2006, Austin Village Academy is an active community of parents, students and teachers working together to create a dynamic and healthy educational environment for children Kindergarten through 8th Grade. Our curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning and exploration in an emotionally healthy learning environment. Rather than adopting and adhering to any one educational philosophy, we have chosen to integrate a wide range of successful educational strategies that support individual learning styles and interests. This educational system has combined intellectual training with the development of the child’s physical, creative, and moral capacities.  The result is a vibrant learning community and relaxed, happy children.

Our application process is designed to give inquiring parents and students a comprehensive understanding of our learning environment and community and to insure that both AVA and new families are a good fit for each other. We enroll new students throughout the year into all classes, as long as space allows.

The following steps are guidelines and may be altered to suit individual circumstances.  You can download our handy-dandy enrollment checklist if you’d like.

Step 1:  Fill out our contact information formA member of the AVA office staff will call to schedule a school tour.

Step 2: Tour the AVA campus and meet with a member of the AVA staff or parent volunteer. We offer two types of tours; an after school hours whole family tour and a school tours, for parents and guardians only.

Step 3: Fill out the application and pay the non refundable $75 application fee, and request teacher evaluations from current or previous teachers.  AVA is very homeschool friendly! Teacher evaluation letters may be from any tutor, mentor, activities instructor, therapists, etc. Once your application has been received you will receive a copy of our School Handbook and be given a list of currently enrolled families and alumni to call or meet with. These parents are more than happy to share their experiences of AVA and to answer questions you may have.

Apply online and pay
$75 via PayPal
OR Download the .pdf application to fill out and pay $75 by cash or check
Then request teacher evaluations.

Step 4: Schedule a student visit. All students applying during the school year are asked to attend a series of visit days. This allows the prospective students, AVA staff and currently enrolled students to get to know each other and to gauge our mutual compatibility.

Step 5: Family Interview. Once all of your application materials, fees and records have been submitted, and the inquiring student has had their visit day/s a final interview with the Executive Director will be scheduled. to discuss your application and to make sure that all of your questions have been answered. If our two families are a good fit for each other you will be invited to enroll.

Step 6: Once you have been invited to enroll you may apply for financial assistance or work trade.

Step 7: Submit Completed Enrollment Packet and the non-refundable Supply and Registration Fee of $500, along with your first month’s tuition.

Download and fill out the Enrollment Packet .pdf, then…
Pay fee and tuition from your checking account via Intuit OR Submit payment along with completed enrollment packet

Welcome to the AVA Community!

Financial Assistance:

AVA is committed to having quality education available to all, regardless of financial circumstances. Once you have completed the application process and have been invited to enroll you may apply for financial assistance or work trade. To apply please contact the Executive Director, Cheryl Kruckeberg.

Non-Discrimination Policy:

Austin Village Academy embraces diversity of all kinds and does not discriminate in enrollment on the basis of race, national origin, religion or sexual orientation. Our students come from a broad section of backgrounds, lifestyles, and economic levels.