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Austin EcoSchool Awarded Bright Green Future Grant for Game of Village

Game of Village Recognized by the City of Austin!

Austin EcoSchool has been awarded funding through the Bright Green Future Grant Program for the Game of Village! The Game of Village is an integral part of our curriculum at Austin EcoSchool, offering an applied, cross-disciplinary, and innovative approach to life skills-based learning. This year, Village is set slightly into the future, and Austin EcoSchool students are creating a scale model version of a sustainable community set on a distant planet with an arid, desert-like atmosphere. Students have been invited to join Mission G.I.V.V.E. (Galactic Interplanetary Viable Village Enterprise) and have been charged with the mission of setting up a colony and developing sustainable living practices on the future planet.

The Bright Green Future Grant Program is through the City of Austin’s Office of Sustainability. Read more about the award at

Learn more about the Game of Village, click here!


Join us for Hallowpalooza on Sunday October 26, 2014 from 12pm till 5pm at the Spider House Ballroom! Featuring live music from popular local bands, a silent auction, a cash bar for the adults, and various kids activities. Please invite all your friends, neighbors, ghosts, and ghouls for this hair-raising (and fund-raising) event!

Hallowpalooza Flyer

Update from School


Things are going so beautifully at school.
The kids are all getting along well; developing friendships and alliances, creating clear working patterns in their classes, beginning to get a grasp on where to go next, etc. They are smiling, laughing, singing, racing, drawing, asking questions, offering ideas, making suggestions and, well – making the world a better place!

This morning in Circle we talked about Basic Human Needs – this was in preparation for creating and signing our safety and social agreements, which we’ll be doing tomorrow.

Circle conversations are among my favorite times at EcoSchool. Although I know that young people are wise well beyond what they are usually given credit for, I am still consistently “blown away” by what they know, value and are able to articulate.

This morning I asked, “What do all humans need”?
We had two columns on the chalk board; one for wants and one for needs.
The “wants” list was pretty short (imagine that!) – it includes Legos, computers and treats (no mention of ice cream…)

The list of needs includes such things as clean air and water, healthy food, shelter and cloths – the obvious things -but it also includes love, creativity, community, friends, family, exercise, education and communication.

I checked our list against Maslows Hierarchy of Needs – the kids hit on every point.

Aren’t your kids wise?