We deeply enjoy this school for our 10 year old son. It has the balance he needs between a learning structure and creative free play. The staff meets each child in their own unique way, which is producing children whom have a desire to learn! A hidden gem of an Austin school.

–Leslie Nichols

My daughter is thriving here. Austin Village Academy provides her with highly individualized academics that strike the right balance between structure and creativity. All of this takes place in a warm, nurturing environment. We feel as though we are part of a welcoming community at Austin Village Academy.

–Kimberly Schuchman

Wow! I can’t say enough good things about Austin Village Academy! Our daughter went to the public schools for a couple of years and even with all of our best efforts, she did not flourish, and we were all very unhappy. We sought out a school that would be strong in academics as well social/emotional well being. We found Austin Village Academy and it has transformed our daughter! The community environment, the personalized learning plans, the multi grade level classrooms, low teacher/student ratio, hands on learning, the real life learning and creative problem solving through “game of village,” and so many other things makes this a perfect place for a well rounded education. We also love their commitment to using “Green” earth products, teaching about nutrition, recycling, composting, gardening, and sustaining our earth for a better tomorrow. Did I mention a well rounded education! We love Austin Village Academy!

–Amanda Green

Austin Village Academy has been profoundly good for our daughter. She loves to learn, and AVA has provided a rich learning environment that’s tailored to each student’s strengths and needs. She values honesty, open communication and respect, and these things are at the core of AVA’s culture. As parents, we want our daughter to follow her path without shame or pressure to conform.

We love watching our daughter grow in confidence and tackle big challenges. AVA has given her a chance to really know herself and understand what she needs to succeed. As parents we are so pleased–and frankly relieved–to have found a school where shame and pressure to conform have no place. AVA provides a rich learning environment that includes sound academics but extends much further. Honesty, open communication and respect for the individual are at the core of AVA’s culture.

–Steve Garmhausen and Alicia Philley

Austin Village Academy (formerly Austin Eco School) has been the perfect fit for my daughter. Like most kids, she has an unquenchable appetite for learning but will only settle in and get comfortable learning when she is in a disarming, nurturing environment. AVA has offered the perfect combination of engaging academics + nurturing of emotional intelligence/sensitivity + outdoor playtime. Our daughter has exploded in self confidence & independence, further strengthened her hunger for learning, and gained sure-footedness in navigating the sometimes-tricky world of building friendships ♥. We love this small, community-oriented school!

–Traci and Adam Reiser

The following testimonials were written prior to 2014, when we went by the name Austin EcoSchool.

Austin EcoSchool is a jewel of a school! It has a wonderful, child-centered approach to education with lots of opportunities for hands-on learning. Our daughter loves the Spanish and art classes and she is especially fond of Village Day; where classroom learning (history, literature, drama, mathematics, composition, economics) culminates in a school-wide afternoon of enrichment where students create members of the community, construct homes and businesses, and barter for goods and services. Austin EcoSchool has some of the finest teachers to be found anywhere. They are highly qualified, experienced, certified, kind, patient and dedicated to meeting the emotional, social and academic needs of students. If you are looking for a small school with a relaxed pace, affordable tuition and a healthy focus on academic skills, you and your child(ren) will love Austin EcoSchool.

–Edy Chamness

We have had the opportunity to watch our son develop into a confident, compassionate boy. He embraces new challenges with a passion to learn and create new experiences. We initially selected Austin EcoSchool because we wanted an environment that not only focused on academic growth, but also fostered growth in community and social interactions. The collaborative approach in learning has benefited our family and allowed our son to explore new concepts at a comfortable pace.


Our son is thriving at Austin EcoSchool, in all the ways that we (his parents) dreamed possible for his early education. It is truly a participatory and stimulating environment, where he feels empowered to “take up” his own learning (rather than having it “handed down” to him). On a weekly basis, we witness his excitement in knowledge acquisition expand, and recognize this precious “spark” for life-long learning being consistently ignited and conscientiously nurtured. Moreover, his education is holistic and applied at AES. The academic component of the curriculum is strong, indeed, but nestled within an intentional, living community. This is a space where young peoples’ growth and development in social and emotional ways is honored, and virtues such as compassionate living and responsible citizenship are prioritized and integrated into all of the students’ engagements. This is especially important to us, as parents, to know that the academic components of our son’s education are not viewed in isolation from the special being who is our child. The AES staff are gifted and creative, so as to remain flexible and responsive to allow our son (and all students) to learn concepts in ways that are effective and meaningful to him, as a unique individual who must function in a diverse and ever-changing global society. We feel that he is becoming grounded in academics but also practical, transferable life skills at AES, which is ultimately the purpose of education. It’s such a comfort to know that when he goes to school, we are in partnership with his teachers and the other parents and students at AES to mutually nurture in all of our children the types of attributes that will build a better world: curiosity and joy in learning, active problem-solving, concentration, mindfulness, self-awareness, peace building, artistic expression, accountability, and appreciation for the inherent diversity and natural wonder of our beautiful world. We couldn’t ask for more, and feel so grateful to be a part of this inspiring community!!

— Erin and Nayay