Why Austin Village Academy?



Austin Village Academy is unique—even among the many alternative schools in our area. Families love our child-centered, academically progressive and truly humanist approach, which features:

  • Exceptional teacher/student ratios of 10/1 or lower
  • Combination of multiple educational philosophies for optimal balance
  • Project-based, experiential learning led by stellar teachers
  • Individual learning plans and customized homework for each child
  • Authentic evaluation: Children are evaluated not through testing and grades but in a meaningful way that helps them develop their strengths and address their challenges
  • A focus on using the latest research on child education to guide policy
  • Fun, anxiety-free learning in an environment that feels like home
  • Emphasis on social and emotional development—including the “human relationships” course that complements the other three academic “R”s
  • Balance of freedom and guidance, with each child receiving plenty of personal attention
  • Mixed-age classrooms and activities. Older children are role models for younger kids, which instills empathy, nurturing skills and responsibility
  • Regular field trips to learn about the world at large
  • Family-like community which is not clique-y in any way, shape or form
  • An emphasis on environmental stewardship. Our school is eco-friendly, healthy-minded

At Austin Village Academy, we strive to meet each child where they are, academically and socially, and to guide them compassionately toward their full potential. We recognize that children share an innate sense of wonder and a desire for new experiences. They yearn to participate in, and contribute to, the world around them.

Our nurturing, home-like atmosphere and compassionate, inspiring teachers provide a stress-free environment where children do what comes naturally to them: learning and growing!